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What Never Was

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Sandra Ruesga

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Quanto pesa um instante nas nossas vidas? Procuro-me no meu diário, nas minhas gravações. Um diálogo comigo mesma para tentar ultrapassar a dor do que poderia ter sido, mas não foi.
Crónica do aborto de uma mãe aos quarenta anos.


Sandra Ruesga

Sandra has worked in the fields of cinema, television, and advertising. In 2004, she co-directed the feature documentary "200 KM" and has directed several short documentaries, including "Haciendo Memoria", "Lejos ensoñaciones", "Lejos ensoñaciones en un tren", and "La iniciación".

Sandra has also been involved in the selection committee of the Documentamadrid festival for nine editions and has worked as a programmer for the Another Way Film Festival. Additionally, she has worked in the production of various film festivals such as Almería en Corto, Animadrid, Festival 4+1-Fundación Mapfre, and Documentamadrid. She has served as the programming and production coordinator for three editions of Documentamadrid. Currently, she is a programmer for the DOCMA association and is part of the programming team of Cines Zoco Majadahonda, where she is also a founding member.


How much does an instant weigh in our lives? I search myself in my diary, in my recordings. A dialogue with myself to try to overcome the grief of what could have been, but was not.
Chronicle of the abortion of a mother at her fourties.

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