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Unite For Bissau (Nô Kumpu Guiné)

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Iara Lee

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Na Guiné-Bissau, embarcamos numa viagem que segue as corajosas mulheres locais que desafiam o patriarcado, construindo instituições que promovem a autossuficiência através da agroecologia.


Iara Lee

Iara Lee, a Brazilian of Korean descent, is an activist, filmmaker, and founder/director of the Cultures of Resistance Network, an organization that promotes global solidarity and supports agitators, educators, farmers, and artists to build a more just and peaceful world through creative resistance and nonviolent action. Her films address topics that are often overlooked by the mainstream media--including indigenous rights, food sovereignty, and environmental justice--and are frequently set in Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.


In the West African nation of Guinea-Bissau, this thought-provoking film takes you on a journey that follows brave local women who challenge patriarchy by building institutions that promote self-sufficiency through agroecology.

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