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The Love Room

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Suzana Dinevski

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Um retrato social de duas famílias que se aproxima do mundo íntimo das visitas conjugais na prisão mais famosa da Macedónia do Norte, IDRIZOVO, e dos efeitos que tem na família e no mundo que a rodeia.


Suzana Dinevski

Suzana Dinevski was born in Canada, but grew up in Skopje, North Macedonia, where at twelve years of age she became fascinated with filmmaking, inspired by the old, John Wayne western movies she loved to watch with her father. Suzana has a degree in film studies (BFA) from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada and a Master's degree in film and video production (MFA) from York University in Toronto, Canada and is a Berlinale Talent Alumni (2007) and IDFAcademy Alumni (2022).


A social portrait of two families as it looks into the intimate world of conjugal visits at North Macedonia’s most notorious prison IDRIZOVO, and the effects it has on family and their surrounding world.

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