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On mothers and daughters in times of injustice

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Talia Jawitz

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Através de cartas antigas, Merle revisita o seu passado como ativista anti-Apartheid, que dividiu para sempre a sua relação com a mãe. Ao mesmo tempo, encara o seu privilégio na África do Sul de hoje e a relação com a sua própria filha.


Talia Jawitz

Based in Belgium, of South African and Moroccan origin, Talia is a master's student in film directing at the Institute of Diffusion Arts (IAD). Prior to IAD, Talia worked in independent film production in London. She also has a law degree and a master's degree in Politics and Economics from the University of Glasgow.


Through old letters, Merle revisits her past as an anti-Apartheid activist, which fractured her relationship with her mother forever. At the same time, she faces her privilege in today's South Africa and her relationship with her own daughter.

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