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I have an appointment with a tree

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Benjamin Delattre

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Ouvi falar de um pintor chileno, autor de mil quadros, que havia desaparecido há muito tempo. Deram-me uma morada nas margens do Loire, no número 640 de uma estrada que já não existia. Há décadas que ninguém vem aqui. Tudo ficou ali, como se alguém tivesse partido.


Benjamin Delattre

Before "I have an appointment with a tree" Benjamin Delattre directed the feature film "Tahiti the days of return", a story of a war return, and the haunting tale of the disappearance in a forest of a Tahitian couple. He has also directed short films, "La butte", "Le fleuve", two films in a series of shorts dedicated to mass crimes ; "De la guerre au XXe siècle" edited from television news reports covering the war in Sarajevo ; "I Nail Nails on Clouds" made from testimonies of Japanese evaporates, the underground faces of megacities like Tokyo ; and "Leontios" about a character addicted to screens.


I had heard of a Chilean painter, author of a thousand paintings, who had disappeared long ago. I had been given an address on the banks of the Loire, at number 640 of a road that no longer existed. No one had been here for decades. Everything had remained there, as if someone had fled.

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