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Antes de Mim, o Fim

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Inês Luís

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"Antes de Mim, o Fim"explora a jornada de auto-descoberta da realizadora Inês Luís através da revisitação de antigos vídeos e fotografias caseiras dos seus pais, procurando desvendar uma vida que ela nunca conheceu.


Inês Luís

Inês Luís was born in Porto in 1996. In 2014 she completes her studies in Audiovisual Communication in Animation at the Soares dos Reis Artistic School, in Porto, and in 2018 finishes a degree in Cinema at the Theatre and Film School, in Lisbon.
Inês also concludes the Foundation Course in Arts and Design - Film at the London College of Communication, in 2015. Her student short films have been screened and awarded in national and international film festivals and she currently works as a script supervisor and assistant director in short and feature films.


"The End Before me"explores director Inês Luís' journey of self-discovery through the revisiting of her parents' old home videos and photographs, longing to unravel a life before her that she never knew.

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